Calling all zoo keepers!!! You are a zoo keeper at Naples Zoo, who is about to take a journey around the globe in search of the perfect mammal to put in their brand new exhibit! The world holds somewhere between 4,500 to 5,000 different species of mammals, so you will have a lot of mammals to choose from. Not only will you have to search the world to find a mammal that will bring curious visitors to the Naples Zoo, but you need study the animal to discover how the zoo needs to setup the new exhibit, so the new mammal will have everything that they need to be happy in their new home. Get your passports ready, because the zoo is counting on you! Start exploring!


Congratulations, you accepted the Naples Zoo's challenge! You will become experts on your mammal. During your webquest you will:

  1. Choose a mammal to place in the zoo's new exhibit.
  2. Find out where your mammal lives.
  3. Discover what your mammal likes to eat.
  4. Dig up information on what your mammal looks like.
  5. Uncover whether or not your mammal has predators.
  6. Look up a fun fact about your mammal.
  7. Name your mammal.
  8. Create a poster or picture using the information you have uncovered, that would attract visitors to your mammal's exhibit.


What mammal did you choose?
Where does the mammal live?
What does the mammal eat?
What does your mammal look like?
Does your mammal have any predators, and if so what are they?
Fun fact about your mammal:

Now, you will need to use the resources to find the mammal that you would like to add to the Naples Zoo. Once you have picked your mammal, you will be asked to find out:

  • Where does the mammal live?
  • What the mammal eats?
  • What the mammal look like?
  • Does the mammal have any predators, and if so what are they?
  • What would you like to name the mammal that you have chosen?
  • Fun fact about your mammal.
You will be asked to type all your research information in the blank boxes below. When you have finished your research, you can print your information. Once you have collected all of the information on your mammal, you can choose to do one of the following:
  1. Create a poster that will bring visitors to to zoo to see your mammal using information that you have researched and printed on your mammal. You will need to include a the name of your mammal, picture of your mammal in their new exhibit, a fun fact about your mammal, and why people should come see the new mammal.
  2. Draw a picture of your mammal in their new exhibit that shows their new home, what they look like, and what they like to eat. Below the drawing write three to five sentences about your mammal using the information you have researched and printed.


  1. National Geographic This website offers pictures, information, quizzes, puzzles, and games dealing with mammals.
  2. Yahoo Kids This website offers information on a wide variety of mammals.
  3. Neok 12 This website has videos about mammals.
  4. Discovery This website contains a long list of different mammals with information on each one.
  5. National Zoo This website provides information on mammals as well as live webcam feeds of different mammals in the National Zoo.
  6. Nature This website offers interactive mammal games.
  7. DMOZ This website lists a number of mammals with related links of information on them.
  8. Teach the Children Well This website has many links that offer information, pictures, and games dealing with mammals.
  9. Suffolk This website also has many links that offer information pictures, and games dealing with mammals.
  10. Sheppard Software This website offers information and interactive games on mammals.


Congratulations on your new mammal exhibit at the Naples Zoo! Your exhibit's opening day was a great success, and the visitors keep comming back to the zoo to see your mammal. Your research has helped the zoo create an exhibit that meets all of your mammal's needs, and has made sure that your mammal is very happy with their new home!